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The rival of the shares is Bitcoin, its value will increase 100 times - The elders control the world

Bitcoin's rival is shares…

In fact, it should not be ruled out that Bitcoin will increase the value of the opera 100 times, which means that from $ 43,000 it could reach $ 4,300,000.

hese assessments were made by Peter Thiel, founder of PayPal and billionaire investor from the cryptocurrency guru who, among other things, accused the elders of controlling world wealth.

As Bitcoin magazine's Casey Carillo writes, there are few people who provoke such polarized reactions in the Bitcoin community as Peter Thiel. Love him or hate him, he is a person with great influence in modern economics and technology. He himself spoke at the Bitcoin conference in Miami.

Peter Thiel argues that in the short term it does not matter how Bitcoin moves, but regardless of the rise of the decentralized currency, the only way is to reduce confidence in the current monetary status quo, especially now that as part of the Bretton Woods 3 world, the US dollar used as a tool against Russia, pushing many countries, including China, to change the international reserve currency.

At the Bitcoin 2022 forum, Thiel began his speech with a video where many years ago, before the invention of mobile phones, he had mentioned that all basic transactions and communications would take place via mobile phones.

He then showed the audience a pack of $ 100 bills and presented them to the crowd, emphasizing "a mysterious thing, what is money?"

Who is the enemy of Bitcoin?

"If Bitcoin is going to replace gold, the question is why is it so undervalued?" "Bitcoin will always be the most honest market in the world, the most efficient market is the canary in the coal mine."

Thiel went on to point out that today all the gold in the world is worth $ 12 trillion, while the global stock is worth $ 115 trillion. "In 1980, the ratio was one to one, with all the gold in the world and world equities having the same value of $ 2.5 trillion." And so, while in the 1970s, stocks were a bad investment, the big change that began in 1980 after Volcker faced galloping inflation made stocks the best investment in 40 years. However, now that inflation is as high as it was in the late 1970s, stocks are the enemy and Bitcoin is the right investment. The competitor for Bitcoin is not Ethereum which is a payment system, nor gold, but the shares and he wondered why there is no exchange rate between the value of 115 trillion dollars of global shares and the value of 830 billion dollars of Bitcoin? "I still hope that Bitcoin will increase 100 times," he said.

Then the founder of Paypal stressed that Bitcoin is the most honest and efficient market: Bitcoin is the canary in the coal mine, he told us that inflation is coming, he tells us that the central banks have gone bankrupt, he tells us that we are at the end of fiat money of today's banknotes "

Wealth is owned by the elders

Thiel then posted a video on the Bitcoin forum featuring photos of Warren Buffet, Bill Gates, Larry Fink and Jamie Dimon, whom he described as "economic old men" ... who oppose a "revolutionary youth movement" embracing Bitcoin. Thiel blamed the elders for Bitcoin's failure to reach $ 100,000, accusing Warren Buffett of calling him a "grandfather" and Dimon, the 66-year-old JPMorgan CEO who called Bitcoin a "scam" and Larry BlackRock Fink. Thiel accused all three of the elders who have often said they are skeptical of Bitcoin or digital currencies in general.

Maybe the real enemy is the ESG

ESG for corporate governance is just a "huge umbrella" term that provides coverage to the elders, adding that the ESG has been exploited and armed against Bitcoin at the moment. "Bitcoin is not a company. We do not know who Satoshi is. " At the moment, a war is raging between" the financial elite that rules the planet against what I would call a revolutionary youth movement. And all we have to do is go out and conquer the world. "

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