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The first NFT-based slot machine is introduced by a cryptocurrency casino

Updated: Sep 26, 2022

Lucky Crypto, an online operator, has introduced a whole new NFT collection called Lucky Degens. The owners of Lucky Degen NFTs, which come in two separate variations, the Jungle Animal Collection and the OG Collection, will receive a variety of bonuses and exclusive incentives.

Players will have the opportunity to win one or more NFTs by playing the first-ever NFT slot machine in the metaverse. The slot machine found at the Embassy of Lucky Degens in Decentraland is presently free to play up to ten times per day.

However, Lucky Degen NFT owners are permitted up to 50 plays every day, boosting their chances of winning another NFT.

Both the OG Collection and the Jungle Animal Collection provide a variety of bonuses, including VIP access to private games and tournaments, a 25 percent cashback bonus, and free spins.

The NFTs also provide eligibility for the $LUCKY token airdrop, which may be used as a form of payment on the Lucky Crypto website and at a variety of metaverse casinos.

The OG Collection provides additional perks, including a free monthly airdrop of NFTs from the Jungle Animal Collection.

The Lucky Crypto embassy in Dencetraland is part of the platform's long-term plan to introduce many casinos into the metaverse.

Lucky Crypto is utilising immersive gaming experiences based on metaverse-spanning stories to expand its community and leave its imprint on metaverse gaming.

The OG Collection will debut on 24 June 2022, while the Jungle Animal Collection is scheduled for release in July 2022. Monthly releases of new Jungle Animal NFTs will continue until January 2023.

Lucky Crypto and Lucky Degens are prohibited to US citizens because to US gaming restrictions.



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