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The Betting and Gaming APPG in the United Kingdom will be disbanded

The Parliamentary All-Party Betting and Gaming Group (APPG) in the United Kingdom will be closed for the foreseeable future.

The Betting and Gaming APPG in the United Kingdom will be disbanded

The group was formed in June 2015 as a cross-party group with no official status within Parliament, with individuals who shared an interest in the gambling business.

The APPG has weighed in on a number of critical issues in recent years, but it will now disband, according to a LinkedIn post by gaming consultant and APPG member Steve Donoughue.

“It has been decided by the officers of the APPG to close formally as an APPG for the foreseeable future,” Donoughue said.

“With the publication of the government’s gambling review and the consultations it has launched into various aspects of its implementation, gambling remains an important political issue, as well as an important part of the UK economy.

“The group is very grateful for the engagement of those in the industry and associated industries over many years.”

Donoughue went on to say that the organisation will now try to establish an informal network of persons interested in the British gaming industry. Meetings and discussions will be organised outside of the regular APPG structure.

White paper

The announcement comes in the aftermath of the government's long-awaited white paper, which was ultimately released last month following a series of delays.

Affordability checks, a stake limit consultation, increased funding for RET, establishing an ombudsman for dispute resolution, reducing land-based restrictions, advertising measures, and combating the illicit market were among the key subjects included in the white paper.


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