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Thailand Casinos Closer After Lawmakers Approve Gambling Proposals Report

Thailand's House of Representatives has authorised a study on a plan to create casinos for both tourists and the local population and could make a final judgement on the topic within "two or three years".

According to the Bangkok Post, parliamentarians debated the plan for only two and a half hours, based on a report by a special committee formed in December 2021.

As a result of the research, the House voted to assess the economic possibilities for tourism attraction by establishing casinos. However, the benefits must be balanced against any potential problems that may occur as a result of the ease of access to gambling.

Despite the report's good results, the committee stated that it was not advocating gambling legalisation, but rather a more in-depth examination of the possibility of a legal casino business. The committee also stated that public hearings and a referendum would be required prior to any final legalising procedure.

The research classifies gambling into eight categories: physical casinos, online casinos, stock market index betting, sports betting, and betting on foreign currency rates.

A measure that would govern all of these activities would be required, as would a modification of the 1935 Gambling Act.

According to the report, casinos would be open to both locals and visitors, with a 21-year-old minimum for both groups. Locals would also be required to show proof of at least THB500,000 (€13,951) in their bank accounts during a six-month period.

The plans include Bangkok casinos, 22 major tourism sites, and the Eastern Economic Corridor (EEC). The research does indicate, however, that Bangkok and the EEC are the most economically viable regions for casinos.



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