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Survey Reveals Growing Interest Among Young Americans to Emigrate to European Union Countries

A recent survey conducted by Preply indicates a rising trend among young Americans aged 18 to 26 who are contemplating their future beyond the borders of the United States, with a specific interest in European Union (EU) countries. The study highlights the top 20 countries that young Americans are considering for emigration, and notably, nine EU nations secure spots on this list.

Survey Reveals Growing Interest Among Young Americans to Emigrate to European Union Countries

The nine EU countries identified in the top 20 list for potential emigration by young Americans are:

  1. Netherlands

  2. Switzerland

  3. Italy

  4. Germany

  5. Ireland

  6. Sweden

  7. Spain

  8. France

  9. Finland


The Netherlands emerges as the most popular among these EU destinations, securing the fourth spot overall. Switzerland follows at seventh place, Italy at eighth, Germany at ninth, Ireland at tenth, Sweden at 11th, Spain at 13th, France at 16th, and Finland at 17th.

Factors influencing the desire to relocate include the cost of living, political climate, universal healthcare, and the primary motivation — a yearning for new cultural experiences. According to Preply, nearly one-fifth of young Americans cited this desire for cultural exploration as the main reason they would consider moving abroad.

Surprisingly, the survey suggests that the influence of digital nomad influencers played a minimal role in shaping these aspirations, with only around 28 percent acknowledging the potential contribution of online expat communities to their decision to move abroad.

Additionally, more than a third of the surveyed young Americans express the intention to live abroad indefinitely. Two-thirds indicate plans to start a family in their chosen foreign destinations, and approximately 87 percent state that their desire to live abroad is either remaining the same or increasing.

Beyond the surveyed age group, the trend of individuals of various ages settling in Europe is on the rise, driven by factors such as enhanced life quality and work opportunities. Work-life balance, the increasing prominence of the English language across European institutions, and the absence of significant language barriers are cited among the reasons prompting Americans to consider Europe as a desirable destination for relocation.



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