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Statistics show that client reporting is in desperate need of digitization

Client reporting is still dominated by traditional models, according to research from financial services firm Sionic, and digitalisation is a major area of change for asset managers.

According to the survey, 60 percent of asset managers believe that incorporating sustainability data into existing reporting outputs is a challenge, and two-thirds believe that implementing regulatory changes is also a barrier to improving client communication.

Only 6% of respondents were confident that they already have a digital solution that meets their requirements. More than six out of ten asset managers polled said they wanted their client reporting to be more efficient and cost-effective.

When it came to client reporting methods, 83 percent of asset managers said they used an automated system to generate PDF versions of client reports. More than half of the companies were also in the early stages of digitalisation, allowing customers to access reports through websites, portals, and mobile apps.

In terms of the future, 72 percent of respondents agree or strongly agree that they want to provide clients with bespoke reports tailored to their specific needs, with the same percentage wanting clients to be able to dig deeper into their underlying investment data.

Over half of those polled had assets under management worth up to £50 billion, with the rest managing assets worth up to £1 trillion.

Clare Vincent-Silk, a partner at Sionic, and Rebecca Gashi, a principal consultant at Sionic, wrote the report.



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