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Spelinspektionen Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: Issues Bans to True Polygon Entertainment and Smein Hosting

The Swedish gambling authority, Spelinspektionen, has taken action against illegal gambling activities in the country by issuing bans to True Polygon Entertainment Limited and Smein Hosting NV. Accused of providing gambling services in Sweden without the necessary license, both companies, through their respective websites and affiliates, were found to be engaging in marketing targeting Swedish consumers. Notably, investigations did not reveal any measures preventing Swedish consumers from registering on the implicated websites.

Spelinspektionen Cracks Down on Illegal Gambling: Issues Bans to True Polygon Entertainment and Smein Hosting

True Polygon Entertainment's CSGOBIG website and Smein Hosting's websites under the Gamdom brand were specifically highlighted in the authority's actions. Spelinspektionen emphasized that both companies were provided with an opportunity to respond to the accusations, but as of the latest update, no response has been received from either firm.

These enforcement actions align with ongoing efforts to combat illegal gambling in Sweden, including discussions held last month between Spelinspektionen and industry organizations such as SPER and Branschföreningen för Onlinespel. The discussions aimed at fostering collaboration to address the challenges posed by illegal gambling activities in the country.

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The Swedish government is also planning to increase the national gambling tax from 18% to 22% starting July 1, 2024. The proposed tax hike is expected to generate an additional SEK 540 million (£39.4 million) per year. The government hopes that by increasing the gambling tax, it can achieve a channelization target of 90%, redirecting more gambling activity to the legal market while minimizing negative impacts on the regulated industry.

In the context of ongoing regulatory developments and the government's tax proposal, the bans issued by Spelinspektionen underscore the authorities' commitment to maintaining the integrity of the regulated gambling market in Sweden and ensuring compliance with licensing requirements. The actions serve as a reminder to operators about the importance of adhering to the established regulatory framework to operate legally in the country.



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