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Spanish Passport Tops Global Rankings as the Most Powerful

In a recent update to the VisaGuide.World Passport Index on December 1, the Spanish passport has claimed the coveted top spot out of 199 world passports, making it the most powerful travel document currently available. Boasting passport-free access to 43 countries and visa-free entry to an additional 106 nations, the Spanish passport is a sought-after possession for avid travelers and exploration enthusiasts.

Spanish Passport Tops Global Rankings as the Most Powerful

According to, a Spanish passport also grants its holders entry with a travel authorization (eTA) to 11 countries, with a visa on arrival to 30 countries, and to another 18 countries with an online visa. Remarkably, Spanish nationals only require a traditional visa for travel to 18 countries out of approximately 200.

Dion Pllana, a Global Travel Trends Analyst, commented on the new passport ranking, noting that European passports, especially those of EU and Schengen Area Member States, dominate the top positions. Pllana emphasized, "The power of EU and Schengen passports is undeniable and unmatched. In the first 40 positions of the index, only nine passports are non-EU/Schengen."

Following Spain, Singapore secured the second position in the list, with Germany, Italy, and France rounding out the top five. Notably, the top 40 positions are predominantly occupied by EU and Schengen passports.

The non-EU/Schengen countries listed in the top 40 positions include Singapore (2nd), Japan (15th), South Korea (27th), the United Kingdom (28th), New Zealand (29th), Australia (34th), Canada (38th), United Arab Emirates (39th), and the United States (40th).

VisaGuide.World's passport index claims to be the most accurate measure of passport power, utilizing a formula that evaluates factors beyond the sheer number of countries allowing visa-free entry. The index considers travel with a visa, e-visa, visa-on-arrival, passport-free, and visa-free, while also factoring in the value of the destination, providing each passport with a unique score. The index is updated monthly to incorporate the latest changes in visa and travel policies worldwide.

In February of this year, when the index was first released, the Italian passport held the title of the most powerful European passport and the world's third most powerful overall, trailing Singapore and Japan. However, in the recent update, the Italian passport now ranks fourth globally with visa-free entry to 107 countries, reflecting the dynamic nature of global travel standings.

The Spanish passport's rise to the top underscores the evolving landscape of international mobility and the growing importance of factors beyond visa-free access, showcasing the broader strength and appeal of certain passports in the global context.



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