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Spain's Comprehensive Support for Ukrainian Refugees: A Closer Look at Solidarity and Assistance

Spain stands in unwavering solidarity with Ukraine as it commemorates the second anniversary of Russia's aggression, extending refuge to a significant number of fleeing individuals. According to reports from, Minister Elma Saiz of Social Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration underscores Spain's steadfast support, highlighting that a substantial 61 percent of the refugees are women, with 31 percent being minors.

The Spanish Ministry of Inclusion, Social Security, and Migration reveals that since the eruption of the conflict, over 201,000 Ukrainians, predominantly women, have sought sanctuary in Spain. The nation currently ranks fifth in the European Union for providing temporary protection, with 199,000 individuals benefiting from the refuge.

A detailed breakdown of the refugee population unveils that 31.7 percent are minors, totaling 62,447, while 61.2 percent are women, including 1,769 unaccompanied minors. With an average age of 31, these displaced individuals boast a commendable level of education, with over 60 percent holding higher education degrees.

The integration process showcases significant strides, with 29,500 minors enrolled in schools and 20,500 employed individuals, of which 53 percent are women.

Spain's proactive response to the humanitarian crisis stemming from the conflict began on February 24, 2022. Initial efforts focused on documentation and care for the influx of over 8,000 people arriving in Spain weekly.

The rapid establishment of four CREADE (Reception, Attention, and Referral Centers) centers within weeks proved pivotal. Strategically located in Madrid, Barcelona, Alicante, and Malaga, these centers provide essential documentation and emergency accommodation to the arriving refugees. They cater to the Ukrainian population's needs, offering temporary protection, reception services, and assistance with social security, health, employment, and legal matters. Over 175,000 individuals have been assisted so far, with approximately 14,000 still accommodated within the Spanish reception system.


Spain's commitment to supporting Ukrainian refugees over the past two years has exceeded €1.4 billion, with funding from both the national government and co-financing from the EU. An extraordinary credit line of €1.2 billion was approved in 2022, with a significant portion allocated to ministries such as Health and Education and disbursed to Autonomous Communities based on justified expenses.

Furthermore, two calls for various support expenditures for the Ukrainian population, including Autonomous Communities, City Councils, and local entities, were initiated.

EU funding has also played a crucial role, with the Commission providing €28 million integrated into the Spanish National Program of the Fund for Migration Asylum and Integration (FAMI) and an additional €209 million through the EU Social Fund (ESF). An additional €50 million awaits final approval by the Commission under the ESF.

Spain's comprehensive support for Ukrainian refugees reflects not only its commitment to humanitarian principles but also its proactive approach to addressing the challenges posed by the ongoing conflict. Through concerted efforts and robust financial assistance, Spain continues to stand as a beacon of hope for those seeking refuge and safety amidst tumultuous times.



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