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Singaporean Authorities Secure First Conviction in $2.8 Billion Illegal Gambling Case: Cambodian National Sentenced to Prison

Singaporean authorities have secured their first conviction in connection to a high-profile illegal gambling and money laundering case totaling SG$2.8 billion (US$2.1 billion), with Cambodian national Su Wenqiang receiving a 13-month prison sentence for offenses under the Corruption, Drug Trafficking and Other Serious Crimes (Confiscation of Benefits) Act (CDSA).

Singaporean Authorities Secure First Conviction in $2.8 Billion Illegal Gambling Case: Cambodian National Sentenced to Prison

Su, aged 32, faced charges including eight counts of laundering proceeds from overseas organized crime activities into Singapore, along with one count of possessing a forged document and two counts of false declaration under the Employment of Foreign Manpower Act 1990. His arrest was part of a series of raids in August 2023, where a total of 10 foreign nationals were apprehended.

Investigations by the Singapore Police Force uncovered Su's involvement in an illegal remote gambling business based in the Philippines, catering its services to clientele overseas. Upon Su's arrest on August 15, 2023, authorities discovered he possessed cash and assets stemming from criminal activities. Notably, he had made significant purchases in Singapore with these proceeds, including a Mercedes Benz AMG.

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David Chew, director of the Commercial Affairs Department, emphasized the thoroughness of the police action, stating, “The Police have seized all the illicit funds brought into Singapore by the accused.” Chew reaffirmed the commitment to combat money laundering, highlighting cooperation between law enforcement, regulatory agencies, and the Suspicious Transaction Reporting Office.

Assets seized from Su amounted to approximately SG$6 million, encompassing cash, vehicles, jewelry, luxury items, and alcohol. Furthermore, Su faced charges related to a forged marriage certificate, false declarations in his employment pass application, and facilitating his spouse's employment pass without intent to work in Singapore. These additional offenses were taken into account during his sentencing.

Proceedings against other individuals implicated in the case are ongoing, as confirmed by the authorities. The case had attracted significant media attention following the arrests of 10 individuals for alleged involvement in forgery, money laundering, and resistance to lawful apprehension. The group, comprising members from various countries including China, Cambodia, Cyprus, Turkey, and Vanuatu, was found to have ties to illegal online gaming sites primarily targeting customers in mainland China.



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