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Schengen Visa Fees Remain Unchanged for Armenians, Confirms Foreign Ministry

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs of Armenia has reassured its citizens that the recent decision by the EU to increase Schengen visa fees will not affect them. Ministry spokesperson Ani Badalyan confirmed that Armenians will continue to pay the same fees as before, thanks to an existing agreement on visa facilitation between Armenia and the EU.

Schengen Visa Fees Remain Unchanged for Armenians, Confirms Foreign Ministry

Badalyan elaborated that it is unlikely for the Schengen visa fees to change for Armenian applicants, as the agreement signed in December 2012 between Armenia and the EU stipulates that Armenian applicants are required to pay a €35 Schengen visa fee. This contrasts with the fees for applicants from other countries, where adults must pay €80 and children a reduced fee of €40, with certain exceptions.


Starting June 11, 2024, however, Schengen visa fees will rise for other applicants. The Slovenian Ministry of Foreign Affairs and European Affairs announced that the fees will increase by 12 percent. Consequently, adult applicants will have to pay €90 instead of the current €80, and children will have to pay €45 instead of €40.

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The EU Commission explained in a draft proposal earlier this year that the fee increase is necessary due to inflation rates within the bloc and the need for additional funds for Member States’ civil servants.


In 2023, Schengen countries registered a total of 10,327,572 visa applications from third-country nationals. Of these, 8,492,775 were granted visas, while 1,632,984 were refused. France, Germany, and Spain received the highest number of applications, with France issuing 2,169,332 visas, Germany 1,233,561, and Spain 1,093,803.


Data also showed that nationals of China, Turkey, and India filed the most Schengen visa applications last year.



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