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PwC Australia reveals identities of all 67 employees implicated in tax scandal

PwC Australia has complied with the request of the Australian Senate and provided the names of all individuals involved in the tax leak scandal. In a letter to the Senate Committee, acting CEO Kristin Stubbins confirmed the disclosure of names, including 67 staff members and four former partners.

PwC Australia reveals identities of all 67 employees implicated in tax scandal

Stubbins stated, "The four former partners include Michael Bersten, Peter Collins, Neil Fuller, and Paul McNab. [Former PwC Australia CEO] Tom Seymour no longer has any role in our firm, and we will take appropriate action for these individuals when our investigation is complete"

The names of nine current partners who were placed on immediate leave due to their connection with the leaks were also revealed. Stubbins further mentioned that the other 63 staff members named were individuals who had received at least one email and have been notified accordingly.

While PwC has provided the names to the Senate Committee, they have not released them publicly. Senator Deborah O'Neill expressed dissatisfaction with this approach, stating, "PwC should release these names themselves, and they should do it publicly." O'Neill emphasized the need for transparency and accountability in the matter.

The Senate committee is scheduled to reconvene on June 7 to resume the inquiry. Stubbins acknowledged the stakeholders' calls for disclosure, stating, "We've heard the calls from our stakeholders to release the names of those who were responsible for confidentiality breaches. We've been working as quickly as possible to determine that and to disclose these names to the Senate per their request, and we have now done so."

The investigation revolves around allegations that Peter Collins, former head of global tax for Australia at PwC, leaked confidential government information on future tax policy, which PwC Australia allegedly utilized to gain an advantage in attracting clients.



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