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Portugal Witnesses Quadruple Increase in Work Visas for Cape Verdeans

Portugal has witnessed a substantial and noteworthy surge in the issuance of work visas for citizens of Cape Verde during the period from January to November this year. The Portuguese embassy in Praia reported that the number of work visas granted has quadrupled, reaching a total of 6,208. This represents a significant increase compared to the 4,948 work visas issued in the first eight months of the year. The breakdown of these work visas reveals that 2,276 were allocated for subordinate or seasonal work, while 3,932 were designated for job-seeking purposes.

 Portugal Work Visas

The driving factors behind this surge in work visas are multifaceted, with legislative modifications within the Community of Portuguese-Speaking Countries (CPLP) mobility framework playing a pivotal role. The introduction and implementation of new visa types, notably the work search visa, have facilitated increased mobility for citizens of Cape Verde seeking opportunities in Portugal.

Examining the broader landscape of long-term visas, citizens of Cape Verde submitted a total of 12,549 applications during January to November 2023. Out of these, 394 were declined, primarily due to instances of forged documents, employer fraud, or applicants having a criminal record.

Breaking down the long-term visas issued during this period, it includes 6,208 for work purposes, 3,975 for study and training, 623 for family reunion, and 615 for medical purposes. The diverse array of visa types underscores the various avenues through which citizens of Cape Verde are engaging with Portugal, from education to family reunification and medical pursuits.


Over the past five years, the consular section of the Portuguese embassy has observed a consistent and noteworthy growth in visa issuance, averaging around 30% per year. In addition to the rise in work visas, Cape Verdeans submitted a total of 14,857 applications for Schengen visas (valid for up to 90 days) during January-November 2023. Of these, 11,610 were approved, further emphasizing the broader spectrum of mobility between the two nations.

In 2022, Portugal received a total of 15,710 visa applications from Cape Verdeans, with 11,371 being approved. Cape Verde ranked second among countries with the most visa applications to Portugal, following Angola. However, an interesting facet is that Cape Verde led the list of countries with the highest denied Schengen visas per capita in 2022, with 844 rejections per 100,000 individuals. This nuanced aspect reflects the intricacies and challenges associated with visa approvals, taking into account factors such as individual circumstances and the evolving dynamics of bilateral relations between Portugal and Cape Verde.


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