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Poland Expands Language Qualification Requirements for Residence Permits

Poland has recently implemented changes to the language qualification requirements for foreigners applying for residence permits.

Poland Expands Language Qualification Requirements for Residence Permits

The new regulation, which came into effect on June 24, expands the range of documents accepted as proof of knowledge of the Polish language. This change is expected to make it easier for foreigners to demonstrate their language proficiency when applying for long-term residence permits.

Previously, one of the requirements for obtaining a residence permit was to present a document proving knowledge of Polish at the B1 level. However, the only certificates that were accepted were those issued by the State Commission, causing difficulties for applicants in enrolling for state language examinations.

Under the new regulations, the Polish authorities now recognize certificates issued by the European Consortium for the Certificate of Attainment in Modern Languages, telc GmbH, WBT Weiterbildungs-Testsysteme GmbH, as well as certificates issued by universities upon completion of courses in Polish as a foreign language. Other forms of education completion in Polish as a foreign language are also recognized, along with certificates of entitlement to practice the profession of sworn translator issued by the Minister of Justice.

The Polish Office for Foreigners states, "The new catalogue of Polish language proficiency certificates applies to proceedings for granting a long-term resident's EU residence permit, which has not been completed by June 24, 2023. In these proceedings, foreigners may therefore prove the existence of confirmed knowledge of the Polish language by means of documents contained in the above directory."

It's worth noting that the previous regulations still allow applicants to fulfill the language proficiency condition by presenting a certificate of graduation from a university or school abroad that uses Polish as the language of instruction, or a certificate of graduation issued by a school in Poland.

Poland has been consistently introducing changes to its laws to make it easier for foreigners who wish to stay in the country. Earlier this year, amendments were made to the Act on Foreigners to streamline the process of issuing Polish travel documents to nationals of other countries. These efforts demonstrate Poland's commitment to facilitating the integration of foreigners and attracting skilled individuals to contribute to its society and economy.



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