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Panda Interactive Files Lawsuits Against Genius Sports and Sportradar for Patent Infringement

Panda Interactive has initiated two separate lawsuits in the Texas Eastern District Court, accusing Genius Sports and Sportradar of patent infringement. The company alleges that both Genius Sports and Sportradar, which are competitors of Panda, have implemented Panda's video streaming technology patents without authorization.

Panda Interactive Files Lawsuits Against Genius Sports and Sportradar for Patent Infringement

Panda Interactive has developed patents in the live data and content streaming sectors, including technology that enables viewers to see live odds and place bets while watching sports. According to Panda, competitors have "widely copied" its patents in the streaming market and, to an even greater extent, in the online sports betting market.

Donald Schupak, Chairman of Panda, stated, "We have made substantial investments in the development of our technology and cannot tolerate having our patented technology used unfairly by others and against us. No one wants to see their own arsenal used against them in battle."

The lawsuits also allege that significant portions of the businesses of both sports technology suppliers are using Panda's patented technology. Genius Sports' products LiveData, LiveTrading, Genius Trading, BetVision, and in-Play Multibet are accused of infringing Panda's patent. Sportradar is also accused of patent infringement in its video streaming products, including Sportradar emBet, Sportradar OTT, and Sportradar Live Channel Trading.

Panda Interactive argues that through the "illegal and unauthorized" use of its patented technology, Sportradar and Genius Sports have experienced significantly increased profits, revenue, market capitalization, and market share. Panda claims it has suffered losses in sales and profits, as well as "irreparable harm," including lost market share and goodwill.

Kevin April, CEO of Panda Interactive, stated, "The confluence of media and sports betting is essential to the future of the fan-viewing experience. Panda developed its pioneering technology long before online sports betting was even legal in the US. Sportradar and Genius Sports are infringing on our patents and capitalizing on our groundbreaking work."

When contacted for comment, Sportradar stated that it is company policy not to comment on pending litigation.

It's worth noting that last year, Genius Sports and Sportradar were involved in a legal dispute regarding the exclusivity of live data rights from various football leagues. They reached a settlement in October 2022, allowing Sportradar access to a delayed secondary feed until 2024 in exchange for ending unauthorized in-stadium data collection activities.



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