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Only 17% of businesses in Cyprus sell online

Updated: Sep 13, 2022

In Cyprus, 17 percent of businesses sold online (at least 1% of total revenue), slightly less than the EU average of 22%. From the previous year, this percentage increased by 2 percentage points.

According to Eurostat, 22 percent of EU businesses had e-commerce sales in 2020, with 19 percent reporting that online sales accounted for at least 1% of total revenue, up one percentage point (pp) from 2019 and 6 pp from 13 percent in 2010.

The coronavirus pandemic and movement restrictions exacerbated the steady growth in e-commerce sales in many countries, causing both customers and businesses to become more interested in online sales.

Denmark had the highest proportion of businesses selling online (e-sales accounting for at least 1% of total turnover) among EU Member States, at 38 percent, unchanged from the previous year.

With 34 percent each, Ireland and Sweden came in second and third, respectively, up 1 and 3 percentage points from 2019.

Belgium and Finland saw the largest increases in businesses selling online (e-sales of at least 1% of total revenue) in 2020, rising by 5 percentage points to 31% and 24%, respectively.

Romania, on the other hand, saw the biggest drop, dropping 6 percentage points to 12 percent, followed by Czechia (down 5 percentage points to 25 percent) and Portugal (down 5 percentage points to 25 percent) (down 4 pp to 16 percent ).

Similar to previous years, sales to clients in their own country (22 percent of enterprises) were the most common, with sales to clients in other EU countries (9 percent) and the rest of the world (5 percent) being less common.

Furthermore, 19% of EU businesses conducted online sales via websites or apps (web sales), either to private consumers (B2C)(15%) or businesses and governments (B2BG) (12%), and 6% used EDI-type sales to sell primarily to their business customers.

The businesses sold their products online either through their own website or app (17%) or through an e-commerce marketplace (8%).



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