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Netherlands Gambling Regulator Imposes Fines on Unlicensed Operators

Dutch gambling regulator de Kansspelautoriteit (KSA) has issued periodic financial penalties to two unlicensed online gambling providers, Winning Poker Network and Goldwin LTD.

Netherlands Gambling Regulator Imposes Fines on Unlicensed Operators

The KSA had previously warned both operators about allowing Dutch players to access their services. As a result of their continued operations within the Netherlands, the KSA has imposed fines on both companies.

Winning Poker Network's was found to be inaccessible from the Netherlands. However, it was discovered that a new account could easily be created on another website of the same provider,, enabling Dutch players to access their services. The KSA has imposed periodic penalty payments of €25,000 per week on Winning Poker Network, up to a maximum of €75,000.

GoldWin LTD offered online gambling on its website to players in the Netherlands. The company has received a periodic penalty of €239,000, up to a maximum of €717,000. Although a follow-up investigation revealed that the company no longer accepts Dutch users, the periodic penalty remains in force. If Goldwin LTD resumes offering online games of chance to Dutch players, the penalty payment will be imposed once again.

René Jansen, chairperson of the KSA, emphasized the importance of deterring illegal gambling activities. He stated, "It must pay off for providers of games of chance to offer their games legally. That is only possible if we take the wind out of illegal supply. We are fully committed to stopping these practices."

With these latest fines, the total fines for 2023 in the Netherlands have exceeded €60.2 million, with the KSA accounting for nearly €10.2 million of that figure. According to research by, the gambling industry fines in 2022 reached €251,712,034 / $269,532,490, marking a significant increase of 443.9% compared to the total of €44,753,969 / $48,642,992 in 2021.



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