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Net inflows into the global ETF market increased by 6.2% in October.

According to a study released on Friday by ETFGI, the assets invested in the global ETFs market during October climbed by 6.2%, bringing in a total of $116.12 billion in net inflows during the month.

Year-to-date (YTD) net inflows for the global ETF industry totaled $708.37 billion, which ranks second highest on record only to 2021's net inflows of $1.04 trillion.

ETFGI's managing partner, founder, and owner, Deborah Fuhr, stated: "We have seen 41 months of consecutive net inflows into the global ETFs industry. Net inflows in 2022 continue to be very strong. We are on track to have the 2nd best year in annual net inflows behind last year."

Although the SP 500 recorded a decline of 17.71% YTD in 2022, Fuhr reported that it gained by 8.10% in October.

Markets in the industrialized world, excluding the US, had a growth in October of 5.33% but a decline of 23.78% year-to-date in 2022.

Emerging markets are down 26.60% YTD in 2022, according to ETFGI, and fell by 3.54% in October. China experienced the biggest decline in October, at 14.74%.

The top 20 ETFs by net new assets, which amassed $58.68 billion in total during October, are responsible for a sizable portion of the inflows.

The SPDR and SP 500 ETF Trust received the greatest individual net inflow of $14.55 billion, per the ETFGI statistics.

ETFGI is a private research and consulting company that examines developments in the worldwide ETFs/ETPs market.


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