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Multinational Crackdown Unveils Vast Money Laundering Network Involving Maltese Financial Institution and Russian Criminals

An expansive international investigation has unfolded, exposing the alleged involvement of a Maltese financial institution in a sprawling money laundering network with ties to Russian criminals. The probe, which spans multiple jurisdictions, has uncovered a complex web of illicit financial activities, prompting detectives from five countries to meticulously trace the flow of tens of millions of euros in laundered cash, with at least €4.5M under close scrutiny.

Multinational Crackdown Unveils Vast Money Laundering Network Involving Maltese Financial Institution and Russian Criminals

Coordinated efforts across France, Germany, Italy, Latvia, and Malta have seen law enforcement agencies collaborate to execute raids on over 100 locations, aiming to dismantle a sophisticated Russian-Eurasian criminal network purportedly operating hand-in-glove with the Maltese-based financial entity accused of providing extensive money laundering services.

"The total sum of laundered money could amount to tens of millions of euros," highlighted the EU Agency for Criminal Justice Cooperation (Eurojust), signaling the magnitude of the alleged financial misconduct.

During the extensive police operation, which unfolded in a meticulously planned series of actions, four suspects were apprehended with the support of Eurojust and Europol. Additionally, a significant number of potential suspects and witnesses were interviewed across Latvia, Germany, Estonia, and Malta, deepening the investigative net cast over the illicit network.


Europol disclosed that over 460 police officers were mobilized for the searches, underscoring the significant resources and manpower dedicated to dismantling the transnational financial crime syndicate.

According to Europol, the Maltese financial institution under scrutiny is suspected of laundering €4.5M in proceeds from criminal activities since late 2015, though the actual extent of the illicit financial transactions could be substantially higher.

Investigators divulged that the financial institution, allegedly in collusion with an organized crime group (OCG), facilitated money laundering through an intricate network of fictitious enterprises and individuals posing as directors, all without conducting any legitimate business activities.

"The OCG operated mainly from Riga and Berlin," authorities disclosed, shedding light on the expansive geographical reach and sophisticated operational tactics employed by the alleged criminal syndicate.

Initial investigations were catalyzed by Latvian authorities in 2021 after they flagged unusual money transfers to the Maltese financial institution. Concurrently, German authorities launched inquiries into suspicious money flows involving the same entity, marking the genesis of the multinational crackdown on financial crime.

Europol played a pivotal role in bolstering the investigative efforts by deploying a seasoned money laundering expert to Latvia and establishing a mobile office at Eurojust's coordination center, thereby enhancing operational efficiency and facilitating seamless collaboration among law enforcement agencies.

Eurojust spearheaded the establishment and funding of a joint investigation team between German and Latvian authorities, laying the groundwork for enhanced information sharing and coordinated investigative efforts across borders.

The agency organized a series of dedicated coordination meetings and provided critical assistance in executing European Investigation Orders, ensuring cohesive cooperation and alignment of investigative strategies among the participating countries.

Since December 2021, Europol has been a linchpin in providing indispensable operational and financial analysis, expertise, and financial support to the case, underscoring its unwavering commitment to combatting complex transnational financial crimes.

Wednesday's extensive operations were orchestrated by various authorities across the implicated countries, including Latvia, Germany, Estonia, France, Italy, and Malta, spotlighting the collaborative multinational endeavor to root out and dismantle sophisticated transnational financial crime networks operating across Europe.


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