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Mother of all sanctions bill....

A Counter-Corruption Advisor to the United States Congress has taken to social media to describe the "mother of all sanctions bill" that will be imposed on the Kremlin if Russia invades the neighboring country of Ukraine if the conflict continues.

A senior advisor at the United States Commission on Security and Cooperation in Europe, Paul Massaro, revealed plans for sanctions against "all senior Kremlin officials," including President Vladimir Putin, on Twitter.

"All Russian banks, Russian sovereign debt, Nord Stream 2, Russian extractive industries, and de-SWIFT Russia" would also be targeted by US sanctions, according to Mr Massaro, who added that the proposed sanctions "likely closely reflect the administration's thinking."

On Twitter, Mr Massaro shared a screenshot of the US Senate's proposed sanctions bill, which is intended to "counter the aggression of the Russian Federation against Ukraine and Eastern European allies."

Section 303 of the Act details the imposition of sanctions "with respect to officials of the Government of the Russian Federation relating to operations in Ukraine," while Section 304 calls for the imposition of sanctions "with respect to Russian financial institutions" in response to the Russian Federation's actions in Ukraine.

Also proposed are sanctions against Russia's "provision of specialized financial messaging services to sanctioned Russian financial institutions," "Russian sovereign debt" and the Nord Stream 2 pipeline, among other things.

The deterrents against Putin are "about as powerful as they could be," Mr Massaro said in a later tweet, adding that "NATO is united, Putin messed up."



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