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Kuwait Tops Visa Approval Rankings with 93.4% Rate

Kuwait leads the pack with the highest number of approved visa applications in 2022, boasting an impressive visa approval rate of 93.4%. According to Schengen Statistics, for every 100,000 residents of Kuwait, a staggering 3,203 visas were issued, indicating the country's robust demand for international travel.

Kuwait Tops Visa Approval Rankings with 93.4% Rate

Qatar ranks as the second nationality with the highest number of approved applications, with an approval rate of 86.95%. Approximately 2.56% of Qatar's population received a positive answer for their visa applications, resulting in 2,556 positive applications per 100,000 people.

Surinamese nationals secured the third spot in the list, with a visa approval rate of 78.7%. Around 2.15% of the population obtained a Schengen Visa, and 2,145 visas were issued per 100,000 individuals.

The trend continued with Cape Verdeans, Armenians, and Emiratis, securing positions among the top nationalities with the highest number of issued visas per capita. Cape Verdeans boasted a 2.1% share of the population with approved visa applications, followed by 1.93% for Armenians and 1.49% for Emiratis.

Lebanese, Belarusian, and Bahraini nationals rounded out the top ten nationalities with the highest visa application approval rates, each receiving between 1,217 and 1,456 approved visa applications for every 100,000 people.

Tunisian nationals emerged as the tenth nationality with the most visas approved by Schengen consulates. With an approval rate of 66.77%, Tunisians obtained 112,411 approved visas out of 168,346 applications. This equates to a 0.90% share of the population with approved visa applications.

These statistics illuminate the varied global demand for international travel and the different rates at which visa applications are approved across nationalities.


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