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KSA: Investigation on illegal affiliate sites targeting self-excluded players

According to a report from the Dutch Gambling Authority (KSA), affiliate marketing websites that prey on vulnerable customers are subject to an investigation.

The KSA stated that it had been aware of a number of affiliate websites that appeared to have been developed with the purpose of avoiding regulated offers and sending customers to gambling websites that do not adhere to Dutch gaming law.

Examples of these websites with domain names that contain terms like "casino without cruks" and "casino without licence" were provided by the KSA. The Dutch self-exclusion tool, Centraal Register Uitsluiting Kansspelen (Cruks), offers players who have suffered harm from games of chance the possibility to add themselves to a blacklist, banning them from accessing specific websites for a pre-designed time period determined by the user.

The KSA has already taken action against 15 websites in order to crack down on affiliates.

All legal services must integrate Cruks as a requirement of their license under the terms of the Remote Gambling Act, which outlines the regulations that will govern the market before its introduction on October 1, 2021. An operator would run a considerable danger of having their license suspended or revoked if they broke the law in this regard.

The regulatory body emphasized that its main worry is that these affiliate sites target problem gamers, pointing out that advertising for unlawful services is just as forbidden as actually providing those services.

The KSA has previously been very clear about how seriously it regards any systemic violations. The regulator forewarned of sanctions in case of any rule violations in June when it announced an inquiry into land-based operators who were alleged to have bypassed Cruks.

Failure to inspect players or disregarding a Cruks registration, according to the KSA, is extremely serious. These players signed up with Cruks specifically because they have control issues and gambling addictions.



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