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Italian Gambling Sector Faces Overhaul: Impending Changes and Stakeholder Perspectives

Italian gambling is on the verge of significant changes as the government progresses with its plans for a comprehensive reorganization of the sector.

Italian Gambling Sector Faces Overhaul: Impending Changes and Stakeholder Perspectives

The ongoing amendment of the Delegation Law has become the focal point of attention, with potential opportunities and challenges for all stakeholders. Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni approved these changes in April, aiming to reshape the structure of the gambling market.

The Treasury is expected to present its viewpoint on these amendments soon, while robust discussions about the law are taking place within the Italian Parliament. The completion of parliamentary deliberation, initially scheduled for early July in the Chamber and August 7 in the Senate, has been delayed due to a period of national mourning following the passing of former Prime Minister Silvio Berlusconi.

Once Parliament approves the amendments, the government will have the green light to publish legislative decrees directly impacting the gambling market. However, before progressing with the Delegation Law, an agreement with regional bodies through the unified body of Conferenza Unificata is necessary. This agreement ensures that revised gambling laws align with regional regulations and harmonized practices across Italy's 20 autonomous regions.

In a positive development, the government representatives have introduced a proposal for a more inclusive financial model. This approach seeks to integrate regions and local authorities into the framework of state tax revenue generation or the awarding of concessions. Additionally, a portion of the revenues collected from administrative sanctions resulting from local police control operations would be assigned to the municipality involved.

Guglielmo Angelozzi, the CEO of Lottomatica, commented on the progress, stating: "The approach at the moment is very balanced and constructive…The Government and Parliament are doing their part to make the system more functional."

However, Astro, the association representing gaming operators, expressed a note of caution, emphasizing the necessity of a stable and predictable regulatory framework for gambling businesses. Massimiliano Pucci, President of Astro, expressed concern over decisions made by some regions to relocate gaming points away from sensitive areas, including hospitals, schools, and churches. Pucci warned that such decisions could jeopardize investments and increase uncertainty in the sector.

As the sector undergoes major changes, the effects of this reorganization will have significant implications for all involved parties. The success of this overhaul will rely on finding a balanced approach that satisfies stakeholders while creating a more functional and efficient gaming industry.



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