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Invest Cyprus Shines in the Middle East: Fostering Investment and Gateway to Europe

Invest Cyprus, the nation's premier investment promotion agency, embarked on a meticulously planned initiative to underscore Cyprus's business and investment appeal in the Middle East. Recognizing the strategic significance of the region, Invest Cyprus aimed to not only showcase the country's investment potential but also highlight its pivotal role as a conduit to the European Union (EU) for companies eyeing expansion into Europe. The agency's multifaceted approach was strategically unveiled during its active participation in the Annual Investment Meeting (AIM) 2024, a prestigious event held in Abu Dhabi from May 7-9.

Invest Cyprus Shines in the Middle East: Fostering Investment and Gateway to Europe

The AIM platform, renowned for its ability to attract a diverse array of international investors and facilitate insightful discussions on foreign direct investment trends and opportunities, provided an ideal stage for Invest Cyprus to make its mark. The agency approached its participation with a clear objective: to position Cyprus as a premier investment destination characterized by a stable business environment and attractive fiscal incentives.

At the forefront of Invest Cyprus's delegation was CEO Marios Tannousis, whose leadership ensured a robust engagement strategy throughout the event. Collaborating closely with key stakeholders such as Deputy Minister of Tourism Kostas Koumis, Cyprus Ambassador to the UAE Meropi Christofi, and Director of the Cyprus Trade Centre in Dubai George Partasides, Tannousis orchestrated a series of strategic meetings aimed at fostering stronger partnerships and promoting Cyprus's investment opportunities.

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Beyond the AIM event, Invest Cyprus extended its outreach to Kuwait, recognizing the importance of cultivating relationships with key players in the region. Tannousis's meeting with Kuwait’s Prime Minister, Sheikh Mohammed Sabah Al-Salem Al-Sabah, in his capacity as a member of the managing committee of the World Association of Investment Promotion Agencies (WAIPA), underscored the agency's commitment to exploring new avenues for collaboration and investment.

Against the backdrop of AIM's overarching objective to foster sustainable development through international investment policies, Invest Cyprus's participation served as a testament to the country's unwavering commitment to economic growth and prosperity. By leveraging its presence at AIM and subsequent engagements in Kuwait, Invest Cyprus aimed not only to bolster its own reputation as a premier investment destination but also to catalyze new investments that would contribute to job creation and economic resilience in Cyprus.

As Invest Cyprus continues to chart its course as a beacon of opportunity in the Mediterranean region, its successful mission in the Middle East stands as a testament to its dedication to fostering a vibrant investment ecosystem that benefits both investors and the Cypriot economy alike.



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