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Inspections by the Slovak gambling regulator have increased year on year

The Gambling Regulation Office (RHH) in Slovakia revealed that it conducted 2,511 inspections in Q1, 201 more than in the same time the previous year.

Inspections by the Slovak gambling regulator have increased year on year

According to the RHH, this increase is the consequence of a "restructuring" of supervision as well as a greater strategic focus on performance from the regulator's leadership.

The organisation also stated that the development of a specific online gaming section, which it established in November 2022, contributed to the greater efficacy of the supervision that occurred.

The new department is primarily in charge of licenced internet gaming. Its secondary role is to identify and prevent consumers from visiting websites that operate or promote illegal gambling.

Dávid Lené, general director of the RHH, stated that he was "very pleased" that gambling regulation targets were being accomplished.

“Of course, a big thank you goes to our supervisors throughout the Slovak Republic, who actively search for illegal facilities and supervise the fulfillment of all legal obligations by legal operators,” he said. 

“Having gambling games under systematic supervision is one of the main tasks of the office as a regulator in the field of gambling.”

Inspections of RHH in the first quarter of 2023

The agency reported a greater than 45% increase in inspections focused on searching for unlicensed establishments.

During this time, RHH supervisors conducted 437 checks on quiz and mining machines to ensure that no illicit activity was occurring.

Small enterprises, such as restaurants, are prohibited from operating gaming machines under the Slovak Gambling Act.

These gadgets may only be used in authorised locations, such as gaming rooms and casinos. The RHH requires that all machines be licenced.

"Increased systematic control activity of illegal operations has its justification and brings its results as, compared to 2022, the number of detected illegal devices on the market is significantly reduced," Lené noted.

"Searching for illegal establishments and seizing illegal devices has a preventive nature and ultimately leads to the protection of society, particularly juveniles and risk groups of people who are prohibited from gambling."

Remote gambling monitoring

The RHH oversees internet gaming in addition to on-site inspections.

The regulator observed an almost 90% increase in digital inspections in Q1 2023 when compared to the same period the previous year.

According to the regulator, this type of surveillance allows for more effective monitoring of a huge number of operations.



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