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India adjusts its technology rules to allow for online gambling

The Indian government has amended its 2021 Information Technology Rules to identify gambling products and services for relevant stakeholders.

The Information Technology (Intermediary Guidelines and Digital Media Ethics Code) Rules of 2021, introduced by the Indian government in February 2021, are standards and requirements to regulate online content and platforms, including social media intermediaries, messaging services, and digital media publishers.

The laws, which are framed under the Information Technology Act of 2000, aim to address the problems of the country's expanding digital landscape and user rights in order to ensure that digital platforms deliver safe and secure online environments.

The change to the Technology Rules was made by India's Ministry of Electronics and Information Technology, which is the executive agency in charge of enforcing policies and initiatives relating to the development and growth of the Indian IT, tech, and digital sectors.

MeitY's mission is to assist Indian businesses and design regulations that support digital growth, protect online consumers, improve cybersecurity standards, and promote innovation.

Initially, the 2021 Rules classed internet gambling as harmful content that was "inconsistent with or contrary to the laws in force."

The new amendments define online real money games as "those offered on the internet and accessible by users through a computer resource or intermediary" as well as "those where users deposit cash or other valuables with the expectation of winning."

Users must now make reasonable efforts to avoid hosting, displaying, uploading, modifying, publishing, transmitting, storing, updating, or sharing any information related to online games that has not been verified as permissible, as well as any advertisement or promotion of an impermissible online game.

MeitY is now empowered to appoint self-regulatory groups to verify the legality of online real money games and ensure conformity with existing regulations. The regulations will also be enforced by designated bodies.

The new laws are part of the Indian government's goal of regulating online content and protecting citizens from harmful or illegal materials.



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