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iGaming Report Highlights Regional Betting Trends

A recent report by iGaming company SOFTSWISS has unveiled significant variations in betting habits among players in Europe, Latin America, and Asia. The study, based on data collected from Casino Platform client projects between September 2022 and August 2023, highlighted key differences in betting behavior.

iGaming Report Highlights Regional Betting Trends

Asia Leads in Bet Size and Mobile Betting

The most striking finding of the report is the substantial gap in average bet size between these regions. Asian players outstrip European averages by 2.5 times and leave Latin American players trailing behind by more than fourfold. According to SOFTSWISS, this significant difference in bet size reflects the diverse betting cultures across these regions.

Another notable characteristic of Asian punters is their strong preference for mobile betting. A significant 71.6% of Asian players opt for mobile devices for their betting activities. However, the report also highlighted a significantly lower percentage of female players in Asia, at just 6.2%.

Europe Dominates in Active Players and Revenue

In contrast to Asia, the European iGaming market leads in terms of revenue generation and financial performance. The report states that Europe boasts eight times the number of active players compared to Latin America and a staggering 18-fold increase compared to Asia.

Mobile betting is also popular in Europe, with 68.3% of European players favoring mobile devices. Despite the smaller average bet size compared to Asia, Europe leads in the number of female players, with 18.11% of participants being women.

The report attributes the higher level of female engagement in Europe to a strong presence in the European economy, linked to higher educational attainment and improved access to personal income sources.

Latin America: A Promising Hub for iGaming

Latin America is highlighted as a promising hub for the iGaming industry. The region has already embraced online casinos, and bookmaker regulation is witnessing steady growth.

SOFTSWISS's data reveals that in Latin America, 69.2% of active players use mobile devices for online casino betting, slightly exceeding the equivalent figure in Europe. However, players from Latin America place lower bets compared to other regions and show a greater interest in sports betting, particularly football.

The report provides valuable insights into the diverse betting habits across these regions, reflecting the unique gaming cultures and preferences in Asia, Europe, and Latin America.



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