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Hong Kong Greentech Firms Showcase Innovations in the Middle East at Cop28

Updated: Dec 7, 2023

Hong Kong greentech firms are actively exploring opportunities in the Middle East, leveraging the region's arid climate to showcase innovative energy-saving solutions for buildings.

Hong Kong Greentech Firms Showcase Innovations in the Middle East at Cop28

Despite the advantageous environmental conditions, these firms face the ongoing challenge of identifying suitable local partners. One prominent participant in this endeavor is M Concept Studio, a Hong Kong-based consultancy. According to Paul Chan Yim-cheong, Chairman and Co-founder of M Concept Studio, speaking from the Cop28 conference in Dubai, the company's "Flat Cool" system is particularly well-suited for the dry and hot climate of the Middle East. He stated, "It is my dream to showcase our system here."

Beyond providing effective cooling, the technology significantly reduces the energy consumption of conventional air conditioning systems, offering a sustainable solution to address the region's growing demand for energy-efficient practices. M Concept Studio's participation in the Cop28 conference is part of a larger delegation led by the Hong Kong Science and Technology Park (HKSTP), underlining the collaborative effort to showcase Hong Kong's innovations on the global stage.


Another notable player in this initiative is Neuron Digital Group, a startup based at HKSTP, which has developed transformative technology for the built environment to enhance energy efficiency in buildings. According to Acting CEO Thomas Pang, the market in the Middle East should not be that different from mainland China or Hong Kong. However, he acknowledges the critical importance of establishing partnerships with local entities for successful expansion. Pang stated, "We are looking for local partners to work with. We aim to be a significant player in the [Middle East] market."

Both M Concept Studio and Neuron Digital Group's active participation in Cop28 aligns with the broader strategy of HKSTP, aiming to engage with the latest climate agendas and innovation trends in the Middle East. The firms are not only showcasing their technologies but also seeking collaborations and partnerships that align with the Middle East's sustainability goals. The HKSTP anticipates fostering dynamic and transformative collaborations, contributing to Hong Kong's vision of becoming a hub for green tech and green finance on the global stage.



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