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Hellenic Bank Forum: Navigating Geopolitical Uncertainties and Unveiling Trends in Wealth and Invest

Hellenic Bank made headlines this week as its wealth and investment services division took a proactive approach to understanding the intricate challenges and emerging trends that are shaping the dynamic investment landscape. The division hosted a forum where industry experts and key figures gathered to dissect the impacts of geopolitical uncertainties on the market.

Hellenic Bank Forum: Navigating Geopolitical Uncertainties and Unveiling Trends in Wealth and Invest

Michaela Savva, the Director of Wealth & Investment Services at Hellenic Bank, played a central role during the event by delving into the macroeconomic environment. She notably highlighted the prolonged period of uncertainty and stressed the crucial need for investors to adopt a discerning approach, continuously reassessing their portfolios to effectively weather unforeseen circumstances.

Savva emphasized the strategic imperative for investors, stating, “Quality is paramount for us at Hellenic Bank Wealth & Investment Services. We favor assets that offer attractive returns and robust profitability margins while ensuring resilience and flexibility.”

The discussions at the forum extended beyond immediate market challenges to encompass broader trends that have transformed daily life, societal dynamics, and investment opportunities. Topics included the increasing importance of sustainable development, the ongoing shift towards a green economy, the impact of digitization, the potential unleashed by artificial intelligence, demographic changes, and the effects of urbanization. These were identified as not just passing phenomena but as strong and enduring trends shaping the future of investments.

Adding another layer to the discourse, Andreas Assiotis, the Head of Retail Banking at Hellenic Bank, provided insights into the macroeconomic landscape. He emphasized the critical role of financial planning and investments for both institutional and private investors. Assiotis also highlighted how Hellenic Bank has transformed wealth management, making it accessible to a broader audience and empowering clients throughout their entire financial journey.


The forum boasted a distinguished lineup of representatives from influential financial entities, including Allianz Global Investors, Pimco, and Schroders. George Georgiou, Global Head of Fixed Income Product Specialist at Allianz Global Investors, shed light on present opportunities that were absent during periods of lower inflation and interest rates. Vasilis Miliaras, Vice President and Account Manager for Greece, Cyprus, and the UK at Pimco, focused on the resurgence of bonds and the potential for equity-like returns with reduced risk.

In the final segment, the Head of Southern CEE & Mediterranean at Schroders conducted a detailed analysis of opportunities in private markets and their evolving role within investor portfolios.

This comprehensive forum not only provided a thorough exploration of the current investment landscape but also delivered invaluable insights for investors seeking to navigate the complexities of the market amidst ongoing geopolitical uncertainties. The event showcased Hellenic Bank's commitment to fostering a deeper understanding of the financial terrain and empowering its clients with strategic knowledge for informed decision-making.


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