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Hackers impersonate Binance Comm's Chief for business meetings, he warns

Following his own fall victim earlier this year, Binance's Chief Communications Officer issued a warning that there has been a "recent spike" in scammers posing as the cryptocurrency exchange's staff on social media.

In a blog post, Patrick Hillmann wrote that he had been thanked by a number of people for meeting with project heads to discuss potential prospects to list their digital assets on Binance. However, he said that this was incorrect because he had never met any of these individuals and lacked "any oversight of or insight into Binance listings."

It turns out that a "sophisticated hacking team" created a "deep fake" of him using prior news interviews and TV appearances, which was "refined enough" to fool several extremely smart crypto community members, according to Mr. Hillsmann.

"Beyond this latest incident, there’s been a recent spike in hackers pretending to be Binance employees and executives on platforms such as Twitter, LinkedIn, Telegram etc.," he continued.

The head of communications at Binance urged cryptocurrency users to exercise caution and take "proactive steps" to protect themselves from fraud and impersonation schemes. Additionally, he suggested that clients use Binance Verify and notify Binance Support of any suspicious activity.

He disclosed that con artists are now frequently making phony LinkedIn profiles and approaching potential customers with the guarantee of getting them listed on Binance.

"Binance has zero tolerance for illicit activity in the crypto space as we see it as one of the greatest threats to the industry’s growth. As a leader in the Web3 sector, we believe that we are responsible for ensuring the ecosystem’s responsible growth – the kind that puts user safety front and centre, "he stated.



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