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HackAdTech has opened its doors to IT professionals in Cyprus.

Teams created incredible solutions to improve living in Cyprus and the AdTech sector.

We saw board ads in downtown Limassol a few months ago announcing an open hackathon hosted by AdTech Holding. We were immediately intrigued. We enjoy hackathons and have organised a few in the past.

Normally, you would not see advertisements in the streets for this type of event. AdTech Holding deserves credit for spending so heavily in a grassroots tech event that aided in the formation of more firms on the island.

The AdTech team was fantastic, and they offered me to be one of the judges. The HackAdTech Open Hackathon was one of the best-organized hackathons we have ever attended.

We arrived at the hackathon on the second day due to another excursion. The atmosphere was fantastic. Both men and women code. Others practise their pitch for the DemoFest finale. Some people are eating and talking about technology. It was a hackathon in one of Limassol's most opulent hotels. A hotel with spectacular views and cuisine.

If you want to understand more about the projects, watch the Demofest.

The judging team examined a number of high-quality AdTech and MarTech projects with global potential. It was intriguing to see that the majority of the participants were older programmers rather than undergraduates, like in other hackathons.

This demonstrates that age is only a number when it comes to being a tech entrepreneur, and that now is the perfect moment for someone to try their hand at entrepreneurship. Statistics show that more mature first-time entrepreneurs have a better likelihood of launching a successful firm.

When the pitches were completed, the Jury team exited the room. The Jury panel included AdTech Holding CEO Alex Vasekin, TechIsland general manager Marios Giorgoudis, Exerte Partners investment manager Agni Photiou, AdTech Holding CRO Olga Dmitrenko, Head of R&D Sergey Kozlov, and Panis Pieri.

The winners were as follows:

DADS took first place.

GOTCHA & CYAN MAP took second place.

ILVO LEAD finished third.

People's Choice - CROWD FOR EVENTS

“AdTech was born from the desire to revolutionise how we use digital technology and enhance the benefits it brings to society. This hackathon is the first step in what will hopefully become a traditional gathering that helps us pave the way for a better tomorrow. We are proud to have gathered such skilled teams! Congratulations to the winners, and let’s look forward to setting up the next iteration of the event,” says Alex Vasekin, CEO of AdTech.

Winners of HackAdTech

dAds were the first-place winners. Using NFTs and the Ethereum blockchain, the team created a prototype platform for renting ad space on the internet.

Aleksa Lazarevic (captain), Stefan Ranin, Mihailo Radovic, and Milos Kojadinovic make up the team. The team flew from Serbia to compete in the hackathon, winning 20,000 EUR.

Gotcha took home the second award. The team created a platform for blockchain organisations that triggers clients' blockchain actions, analyses them, produces suitable personal communication based on the action type, parameters, and client profile, and then sends a communication (visual and text) via email and NFT. Three scooters were awarded to the team.

The second prize was shared by two teams. Cyan Map was the opposing team. Cyan Map is an interactive map to help people find events in Cyprus faster and more effectively than current options. Three scooters were awarded to the team.

Ilvo Lead took home the third prize. The team received drones and developed a push recommendation system for the AdTech sector.

Events Crowd won the people's choice award. They received the most votes. Slack was used by all guests to vote. The team created a platform where you can crowdsource event money and better manage it.

Cyprus Mail, TechIsland, Cyprus Computer Society, Cyprus Agile and Innovation Community, and others were among the event's primary sponsors.

We are excited for HackAdTech 2023.



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