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Greece will begin accepting Schengen visa applications in Libya's Benghazi

The Greek consulate in the Libyan city of Benghazi will begin accepting Schengen visa applications on February 12, according to officials.

According to the consulate, the application information on the internet will soon be available in Arabic, as it is presently only available in English.

Stravos Venizelos, Greece's Ambassador to Libya, announced to Libyan media that Schengen visas will be processed at this consulate beginning in Benghazi. He also indicated that the Consulate is not yet technically prepared to grant visas locally, but that VFS Global, their processing company, would begin taking applications in Benghazi, which would then be sent to Tripoli for processing.

During a phone chat, the Ambassador stated that he hopes to grant visas for Benghazi by June.

According to Statistics, the country received 295,634 uniform visa applications, with a total of 269,287 uniform visas issued, including MEV. Furthermore, 239,711 multiple entry uniform visas (MEVs) were issued, with a total of 5,549 LTVs issued and 18,545 uniform visas not issued.

Furthermore, the Greek consulate in the Russian city of Moscow receives the most visa applications (154,339) compared to all other consulates. Furthermore, the overall number of ATVs and uniform visas issued to Russian applicants reached 149,904, while the total number of ATVs and uniform visas not issued reached 3,857. In general, the rate of not given ATVs and uniform visas for this nationality is 2.51%.

The second most visa applications were received by the consulate in Istanbul, Turkey, which received 29,033 applications, including multiple ATVs, MEVs, and LTVs, while the total number of visas issued reached 25,805, leaving the not issued rate for this service at 10.27 percent or 2,955 applications.

While Greek consulates in Russia receive the most visa applications, the Abu Dhabi consulate in the United Arab Emirates ranks fourth with 13,350 applications, followed by the consulates in Riyadh (7,385), Beirut (7,116), Yerevan (4,681), Pristina (4,566), and Izmir (4,566). (4,560).

There are specific documents that must be given to various authorities in order to be qualified to apply for a Greek visa at Greek consulates in any city. A completed Greek visa application form, two passport photos, a valid passport, copies of previous visas, health insurance that covers any inconvenience that may occur during your trip to the Schengen Area, flight itinerary, proof of accommodation, a cover letter, and proof of civil status are examples of such documents.


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