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Germany will grant nine additional online gaming licences

The Sachsen-Anhalt State Administration Office has stated it has authorised nine more licences for virtual slot machines and poker across Germany, in addition to the three permits already awarded, but has not revealed which operators these licences will be for.

Since the legalisation of verticals with the introduction of a new state treaty on 1 July 2021, operators have submitted a total of 71 licence applications. Of these, eight petitions have been withdrawn, three are under consideration by the Glücksspielkollegium, and only one has been rejected outright, with many more applications still under examination.

Tipwin, Mybet, and Mernov have been granted permission to operate online slot machines in the nation. No poker operations have been licenced as of yet.

Since the entry into force of the Treaty, the agency has reported 25 internet operators to the German public prosecutor's office for violating German law.

The action was taken as part of the department's broader fight against unlawful internet gaming operations.

148 instances of illicit gaming were examined, along with 871 websites. Additionally, the agency examined 90 instances of illicit gaming advertising.

President of the Sachsen-Anhalt State Administration Office Thomas Pleye said: “The main focus remains on issuing licenses for online poker and virtual slot machines. We have issued the first permits here.”

The state gambling treaty also resulted in the establishment of the Glücksspielbehorde (GGL), a new German regulator that will be responsible for enforcement actions such as stopping online payments and blocking the IP addresses of unlawful sites beginning on July 1.

On January 1, 2023, it will assume complete management of gaming in the country.

Pleye continued: “Each new task presents everyone involved with major and minor challenges – especially when it comes to two different authorities that start at the same time with different requirements and tasks, but the same goal.”

“We can be very satisfied with the results so far and are now handing over both partial tasks and personnel and thus the symbolic baton to the GGL. I wish everyone involved continued success.”

The State Treaty also includes stringent regulations for the business, such as a €1 maximum bet for slot machines, and a 5,3 percent charge on wagers.



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