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German Authorities Lead in Denying Visa Applications from Turkish Nationals, Schengen Statistics Rev

German authorities topped the list of countries rejecting visa applications from Turkish nationals, according to Schengen Statistics.

German Authorities Lead in Denying Visa Applications from Turkish Nationals, Schengen Statistics Rev

Out of a total of 120,876 visa applications submitted by Turkish applicants at consulates in Ankara, Edirne, Istanbul, and Izmir in 2022, Germany denied 48,040 applications, accounting for 39.7% of rejections. In comparison, the total number of visa applications made by Turks across all consulates reached 223,699, with 174,929 approvals and a notable share of 78.2% multiple-entry visas (MEVs) granted.

Germany emerged as a significant issuer of MEVs, contributing to a total of 173,980 such visas issued to Turkish nationals in 2022, constituting 34.5% of all MEVs granted. Greece ranked as the second-most popular destination for visa applications from Turkish citizens, receiving a total of 164,829 applications, out of which 15,913 were denied. France and the Netherlands followed, with 115,114 and 48,807 visa applications received, respectively, leading to the denial of 15,435 and 9,714 applications in the same order.

In terms of rejection rates, France had a rate of 21.4%, the Netherlands had 19.9%, while Greece stood at 9.6% among these four countries. Overall, denied visa applications by Turkish nationals accounted for 21.4% of the total applications submitted. French and Dutch authorities recorded slightly lower rejection rates of 13.4% and 19.9%, respectively.

The distribution of MEVs varied across these countries, with Greece leading by issuing MEVs to Turkish citizens in proportion to the number of applicants, reaching 89.8%. France issued MEVs to 81.5% of applicants, while the Netherlands and Germany provided 78.6% and 78.2% of MEVs, respectively.

Notably, Turkish nationals ranked first in the nationality that filed the highest number of visa applications for Schengen visas in 2022, totaling 778,409 applications. This marks a significant increase from the 2021 statistics, where Turkish nationals held the second position with 271,977 visa applications submitted, only falling behind Russians with 536,241 applications.


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