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Gambling regulation training will be offered by the University of Nevada.

University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) William Boyd School of Law has teamed up with Entain to offer a gaming law and regulation program.

In an effort to better educate the industry's operators, lawyers, and regulators, a training program will begin on March 1. Class materials were created and will be taught by professionals with decades of real-world experience in the gaming industry. There is a good chance they've taught before. An average of 20-25 hours of study per week is required for each course.

To begin, Anthony Cabot will teach an introduction to gaming law and regulation; William Buffalo, a casino experience expert, will teach casino operations and the law. Players Accountability and Corporate Social Responsibility in Gaming Law, taught by responsible gaming expert Alan Feldman and criminal justice attorney Dayvid Figler, are two other courses offered by the UNLV International Center for Gaming Regulation.

A Juris Doctor degree, or first degree in law required to practice law in international markets, is not necessary for students to enroll in the Institute's International Business Law program.

As a result of this collaboration, four courses have been developed by Entain, a multi-brand gambling company that includes Ladbrokes, Bwin, and Coral. Courses in Gaming Law and Regulation will be added to the university's existing curriculum.

It's the second time in recent months that Entain has teamed up with the University of Nevada, Las Vegas (UNLV) on a gambling research project.

Responsible gaming, policy, and public health will all benefit from this project's integration of academic study and practical experience.



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