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From China to Texas

According to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, bitcoin mining could aid in "strengthening our energy infrastructure" as recently as October 2021.

According to a Reuters report, tons of bitcoin mining equipment are being transported from China to Texas via a quirky caravan as Texas Gov. Greg Abbott flirts with the cryptocurrency industry as part of his re-election campaign in 2022.

Generally, the Texans are attempting to capitalize on China's missed opportunity, as the Chinese government has forced bitcoin mining companies to relocate, ensuring that Texas plays a significant role in the burgeoning cryptocurrency industry.

The first mine

In a statement, Geosyn Mining co-founder Caleb Ward described a new facility in Texas that will open in January 2022 as "a sample for our largest mine just outside of the city." "We have started our first bitcoin mine in the center of Fort Worth, which will serve as a sample for our largest mine just outside the city," Ward said.

The Machines 

Ward expects to have approximately 530 bitcoin mining machines operating on its own premises by the end of March, according to the company.

And it isn't the only bitcoin miner who is considering a move to Texas. Several local bitcoin mining companies have been identified by the Texas Blockchain Council, according to available information.

Infrastructure for energy production

The majority of Texan politicians appear to be in favor of bitcoin in general.

According to Republican Sen. Ted Cruz, bitcoin mining could "strengthen our energy infrastructure." Cruz made the statement in October 2021.

According to Kevin Pan, CEO of Poolin, one of the world's largest bitcoin mining companies, his company intends to expand its two new mining facilities in Texas, eventually more than doubling its operations in the state. time.

"For the next two years, Texas will be known as the Bitcoin Capital of the World," Pan predicted.


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