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France's Immigration Landscape in 2023: Analyzing Residence Permits Across Nationalities and Motives

In the dynamic landscape of immigration trends in France during 2023, nationals from former French colonies took center stage in the issuance of residence permits, with Moroccans leading the list, although facing a 7.4% decline compared to the previous year. According to the comprehensive immigration report from the French Interior Ministry, 36,340 residence permits were granted to Moroccan nationals in 2023, marking a decrease of 2,914 permits from 2022. However, delving into a broader historical context, the permits issued for Moroccans demonstrated a resilient increase of 3.5% when compared to pre-pandemic levels.

France's Immigration Landscape in 2023: Analyzing Residence Permits Across Nationalities and Motives

The second-largest group securing residence permits were Algerians, with an impressive 9.9% surge from 29,271 permits in 2022 to 32,180 in 2023. This increase is even more pronounced when juxtaposed against the figures from 2019, showcasing a substantial 17.2% rise. Similarly, Tunisian nationals experienced a positive trend, obtaining 2.5% more permits in 2023 (22,400) compared to the preceding year (21,860) and a notable 13.9% increase since 2019 (19,652).

Collectively, these three nationalities accounted for over a quarter of all residence permits issued in 2023, constituting a significant total of 90,920 permits. Remarkably, China made a comeback in 2023, securing the fourth position with a noteworthy 31.1% increase in residence permits, soaring from 11,388 in 2022 to 14,930.


The fifth position was held by Americans, who saw a modest increase in permits from 12,373 in 2022 to 12,670 in 2023. However, when compared to 2019, the surge in permits issued to Americans is striking, demonstrating a substantial 40.3% rise from 9,030 permits.

Examining the broader spectrum, the top ten nationalities that received the most permits in France for 2023 comprised an extensive list, including Ivorians, Afghans, Senegalese, Indians, and Turks. These top ten nationalities collectively accounted for a significant 52.9% of all permits granted in France for the year.

In the aggregate, France witnessed a 1.4% increase in the total number of permits issued in 2023, reaching a notable figure of 323,260. Notably, visas issued for the top ten nationalities experienced a slightly higher increase of 2.1%.

Highlighting the motives behind the issuance of permits, French authorities recorded the highest number of residence permits granted in the last five years in 2023, totaling 323,260. The primary categories for permit issuance were study purposes, constituting the majority at 103,520, followed by permits issued for family reasons (91,020) and economic motives (54,630). While most motive groups experienced increases compared to 2022 levels, permits issued for family reasons and various reasons marked declines, emphasizing the nuanced dynamics at play in France's immigration landscape.



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