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Former MGA CTO Jason Farrugia charged in court

Former Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) chief technology officer Jason Farrugia has been charged in court with a number of offenses, five months after his employment at the regulator was terminated.

The MGA issued a statement confirming that Farrugia had been arraigned, but also clarifying that his employment with the regulator had been terminated in December 2021, after it initiated an investigation into “alleged wrongdoings”.

“The results of these investigations were passed on to the relevant authorities and the MGA has been, and remains, at their disposal and providing all required assistance,” the MGA said. “In the meantime, the MGA continues to take all the necessary steps to ensure the integrity of its data.”

The MGA had previously announced on 16 December 2021 that Farrugia “no longer has any connection to the MGA and can no longer represent it or speak on its behalf”.

Local media reports said that Farrugia pleaded not guilty to all charges, which they said include offences related to money laundering, extortion, acceptance of bribes and fraud.


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