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Finnish Passport Is Nordic's Strongest and World's 4th

Finnish citizens are among the world's most privileged travellers, since a passport granted by Finnish authorities is ranked as the world's fourth most powerful passport, allowing holders to travel freely to the vast majority of the world's countries.

VisaGuide has just released a new passport index. The Global Passport Index, which is the first to rank world passports in a more complete and precise manner than any other current index, has shown that the Finnish passport is ranked as the second strongest in Europe, just behind Italy, which is ranked third in the world.

While Japan and Singapore rank first and second in this index, with scores of 90.28 and 90.01 out of 100, respectively, Italy ranks third with a score of 88.28, while Finland ranks fourth with a score of 88.18.

Germany ranks fifth in the index, with 88.17 points.

The strength of Finnish passports allows them to travel visa-free to 107 countries throughout the world, with 51 of them allowing passport-free admission for Finnish ID holders.

People of Finland with a valid ID can enter 37 countries without a passport or a visa. Just a few nations in the world provide such a benefit to their citizens, and the vast majority of them, like Finland, are EU members.

Among the 53 countries are:

There are 26 Schengen Area countries.

  • Non-Schengen EU Members (Cyprus, Bulgaria, Ireland, Romania)

  • European Microstates (Andorra, Monaco, San Marino, and the Vatican City)

  • Albania

  • Bosnia and Herzegovina

  • Kosovo

  • Montenegro

  • North Macedonia

  • Serbia

At the same time, Finnish nationals can visit 91 countries without a visa, 11 with an electronic travel authorization, and nine with an e-Visa. 34 foreign countries can also enter with a visa obtained upon arrival.

This means that Finnish citizens must obtain a traditional visa to only 28 countries around the world, including men, Nigeria, North Korea, Cuba, and Ghana, all of which rank low in VisaGuide's Passport Index Destination Significance Score (DSS) - a combination of many factors that gives each passport its own value.

Meanwhile, the other Nordic countries are ranked as follows:

  1. Denmark comes in seventh place with a score of 87.89. Danish passport holders can travel visa-free to 116 countries, passport-free to 29, with an eTA to ten, visa-on-arrival to 33, and e-visa to another ten.

  2. Sweden ranks tenth with a score of 87.65, and Swedish residents have visa-free access to 102 countries, passport-free access to 43, eTA access to 11, visa-on-arrival access to 33, and e-visa access to nine.

  3. Norway ranks 12th with a score of 87.6, allowing its citizens to travel without a passport to 38 countries, without a visa to 102, with an eTA to 11, visa-on-arrival to 36, and e-visa to ten.

  4. Iceland comes in 23rd place with a score of 86.58. Individuals having an Icelandic passport can enter visa-free into 106 countries, with an eTA into 11, without a passport at all into 28, with an e-visa into 12, and with a visa-on-arrival into 29.


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