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Exploring Third-Country Nationals' Preferences for EU Citizenship

Third-country nationals, in sharing their preferences regarding EU citizenship, have articulated a nuanced perspective, with Irish citizenship emerging as a prominent choice. Within a Reddit thread dedicated to discussing EU citizenship choices, respondents expressed a notable inclination towards Irish citizenship, citing various compelling reasons for their preference. One key factor driving this preference is the unique advantage afforded by Irish citizenship under the Common Travel Area agreement, which facilitates unrestricted movement and residency rights not only within Ireland but also extends to the United Kingdom. This seamless access to the UK's labor market and public services without additional bureaucratic hurdles resonated strongly with respondents, underlining the practical benefits of holding an Irish passport.

Exploring Third-Country Nationals' Preferences for EU Citizenship

The sentiment favoring Irish citizenship was echoed by a substantial proportion of respondents who regarded Ireland as a strategically advantageous option. This sentiment was underscored by the perception of Ireland as a "strong pick" among EU countries due to its favorable economic prospects and quality of life. Furthermore, the recent decision by Germany to allow dual citizenship has contributed to the heightened appeal of German citizenship among respondents. Germany's robust economy, diverse job opportunities, and progressive social policies were cited as compelling reasons for preferring German citizenship.

Moreover, preferences for Dutch and Belgian citizenship were also evident among respondents, driven by factors such as the Netherlands' renowned education system and Belgium's well-regarded healthcare system. These countries' commitment to providing high-quality services and fostering a conducive living environment played a significant role in shaping respondents' choices.


In addition to qualitative considerations, respondents also took into account the practical implications of passport rankings, which reflect the global mobility and visa-free access associated with different passports. Ireland's passport, currently ranked 18th globally, offers visa-free access to 111 countries, while Germany's top-ranking passport provides visa-free entry to 106 countries. Dutch and Belgian passports, ranked sixth and 17th, respectively, also afford significant visa-free travel privileges to 108 and 106 countries, respectively.

Overall, the preferences articulated by third-country nationals underscore a multifaceted assessment that combines practical considerations, such as access to labor markets and social services, with qualitative factors like quality of life and global mobility. The convergence of these factors informs individuals' choices regarding EU citizenship, with Irish, German, Dutch, and Belgian citizenship emerging as favored options among respondents.



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