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Eurobank Embarks on Global Expansion with Merger Moves and Middle East Representative Offices

Updated: Feb 18

Eurobank is actively pursuing an expansion strategy to broaden its global footprint by establishing representative offices in key locations. The bank is engaged in advanced discussions for creating a presence in Saudi Arabia, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Israel, and Egypt, with a representative office in India scheduled to commence operations in June. This move aligns with Eurobank's broader goal of doubling the net result from its international operations, targeting a figure of €800 million.

Eurobank Embarks on Global Expansion with Merger Moves and Middle East Representative Offices

A pivotal aspect of Eurobank's expansion strategy involves mergers, and the completion of the merger with Hellenic Bank in Cyprus is a crucial component. The bank's current participation in Hellenic Bank stands at 29.2%, with expectations to increase it significantly to 55.3%. This substantial stake acquisition is subject to approvals from local authorities and the European supervisor. Eurobank anticipates the necessary approvals to proceed with the acquisition by the end of April.

Following regulatory approvals, Eurobank plans to conduct a public offering to acquire all outstanding shares of Hellenic Bank, which, when successful, will further consolidate its position in the Cypriot market. The merger is viewed as a value-enhancing move, poised to significantly impact the figures and profitability of both Eurobank and Hellenic Bank.

The strategic importance of the merger is underscored by the anticipation of a substantial increase in net after-tax results. Hellenic Bank's projected net after-tax result for 2023 is estimated to be around €400 million, which, when integrated into Eurobank's operations, is expected to contribute significantly to the bank's overall profitability. The merger creates a valuable source of profitability, potentially doubling Eurobank's profits from abroad.

Simultaneously, Eurobank is exploring opportunities to establish a presence in the Middle East, targeting wealthy clients. To navigate the complexities of banking licenses in the region, the bank has opted to set up representative offices. These offices will play a pivotal role in making recommendations to potential clients for utilizing Eurobank's services through its subsidiaries, particularly in Cyprus and Luxembourg.

The geographic focus for Eurobank's expansion includes India, the United Arab Emirates, Israel, and Egypt. The strategic move towards representative offices in these regions aims to tap into the significant potential for attracting funds, particularly in the Wealth Management sector. Eurobank's management believes that targeting wealthy clients and offering specialized services through its subsidiaries will position the bank favorably in these markets.

In essence, Eurobank's multifaceted expansion strategy encompasses mergers and acquisitions, strategic partnerships, and the establishment of representative offices in key international markets. These initiatives collectively contribute to the bank's overarching objective of strengthening its global presence, enhancing profitability, and delivering sustained value to its stakeholders.



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