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EU and UK Seek to Enhance Youth Mobility Across Borders

The European Commission has proposed initiating negotiations with the United Kingdom to facilitate greater mobility for young citizens between the EU and UK. The goal is to establish an agreement that streamlines the process for young people to study, work, and live in each other's territories without facing stringent regulations.

EU and UK Seek to Enhance Youth Mobility Across Borders

Since the UK's departure from the EU, movement between the two regions has declined significantly, particularly impacting opportunities for young EU citizens and Britons to explore life on the opposite side of the Channel. In response, the proposal aims to address existing barriers and foster increased youth mobility.


Under the proposal, young people would be granted enhanced rights to travel between the EU and UK for extended periods. The agreement would establish conditions, including age requirements, maximum stay duration, eligibility criteria, and compliance verification rules.


Citizens aged 18 to 30 from both the EU and UK could potentially stay for up to four years in the destination country, facilitating greater cross-border experiences and opportunities.


Maroš Šefčovič, Executive Vice-President for European Green Deal, Interinstitutional Relations, and Foresight, emphasized the proposal's aim to rebuild connections between young Europeans on both sides of the Channel. He underscored the Commission's commitment to creating opportunities for young citizens from both regions.


The proposal marks a proactive step towards addressing the challenges faced by young people in the EU and UK following Brexit, particularly those seeking to study, work, and live abroad. Šefčovič expressed optimism regarding the potential for an ambitious yet pragmatic agreement to address these issues.


The Commission's recommendation will now undergo discussions in the EU Council. If approved by the Council, the Commission will proceed with negotiations with the UK on youth mobility.




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