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Due to suspicions about money laundering, NCA is requesting a recovery order for £54 million

The High Court has received a claim from the UK's National Crime Agency asking for a recovery order for £54 million (€62 million) from two Barclays accounts.

Due to suspicions that the £53,984,882 was obtained through fraud and money laundering, the NCA is attempting to recover the monies from the two unidentified bank accounts.

According to a claim form obtained by City A.M., "the overwhelming inference is that, on the balance of probabilities, the Property constitutes the proceeds of crime."

The bank is merely designated as an interested party on the accounts, which belong to people who are unable to be identified legally.

Following the submission of outside intelligence and Barclay's own AFC controls, the lender allegedly opened an internal inquiry into the accounts.

Due to the account holder's "inability or unwillingness to provide information as to the provenance of the suspect funds in their accounts," Barclays eventually froze the cash.

The proceedings to recover the monies are now planned for November and are said to be the consequence of many transactions.



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