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Denmark Reminds Britons of Deadline for Residence Permits Under EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement

The authorities of Denmark have issued a timely reminder to Britons about the impending deadline for applying for residence permits under the Withdrawal Agreement between the European Union (EU) and the United Kingdom. The crucial date to remember is December 31, 2023.

Denmark Reminds Britons of Deadline for Residence Permits Under EU-UK Withdrawal Agreement

The Danish Immigration Service stressed the importance of this deadline, stating, "British citizens and their family members covered by the Withdrawal Agreement must be aware of applying before the end of the year."

Eligibility for a residence permit under the Withdrawal Agreement extends to all those who meet the specified conditions. This includes individuals who held legal residence in accordance with EU rules on free movement before December 3, 2021. However, it has been made clear that those who already possess the right of residence in Denmark under the Withdrawal Agreement should not submit a new application.

The extended deadline primarily applies to individuals who have not previously submitted an application. This extension also encompasses those who previously submitted applications after the initial deadline had passed and subsequently received rejections for their applications.

In addition, the Danish Immigration Service emphasized that all British citizens and their family members lacking documents proving their right of residence in Denmark under the Withdrawal Agreement must promptly submit an application.

For those who had submitted an application and received a rejection with the reason being late submission, there is an avenue for redress. They can request the Danish Agency for International Recruitment and Integration to reopen their cases.

The Danish Immigration Service articulated this process, stating, "If you previously have received a rejection to have your application processed by SIRI and the Immigration Appeals Board due to submitting the application too late, you can, based on the extended deadline, ask SIRI to have your case reopened."

The same opportunity to have cases reopened applies to those who did not appeal the rejection to the Immigration Appeals Board.

These regulatory requirements have become imperative for Britons following the UK's departure from the EU. Notably, the number of British nationals relocating to Denmark saw a marked decline in 2021 compared to the preceding 15 years. Data from Denmark Statistics revealed that only 854 British nationals moved to Denmark in 2021. This represented a substantial decrease from 2020 when 1,406 British nationals relocated to Denmark, and from 2019 when the figure stood at 1,584. Authorities attribute this decline to the UK's withdrawal from the EU, commonly known as Brexit, which became effective in 2021.



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