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Denise Coates, an onshore billionaire, is clearly at the top of the list of the UK's biggest ...

According to Sunday Times Tax List (2021), the founder and joint chief executive of gambling giant Bet365 was the UK's greatest taxpayer by far last year.

Denise Coates, 54, who paid herself £421 million in 2020, has amassed an estimated £8.4 billion fortune via Bet365, making her the country's 17th richest person.

Her family paid an estimated £481.7 million in tax last year, putting them at the top of the yearly list of billionaires' tax contributions for the second year in a row.

2021’s Tax List is much more profitable than last year as the overall take has increased by more than £500 million.

Denise Coates, remuneration has totalled about £1.3 billion since 2016.

While many gambling enterprises have relocated abroad, according to the Sunday Times' thorough piece on Bet365's ascent on January 30, keeping the business in Stoke on Trent gained Coates some unexpected admirers.

The total tax paid by the top 50 taxpayers increased by £510 million to £3.7 billion, up from £3.2 billion the year before.

The minimum amount of tax paid to enter the top 50 increased by 16 percent from the previous year to £15.2 million.



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