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Danish Gambling Authority Successfully Blocks 49 Illegal Gambling Websites

In a recent development, the Danish Gambling Authority has announced its victory in court against 49 websites offering illegal gambling services within Denmark. This marks the ninth instance in which the regulatory body has taken legal action to block unauthorized gambling websites in the country.

Danish Gambling Authority Successfully Blocks 49 Illegal Gambling Websites

The Copenhagen City Court's ruling on July 14th, 2023, favored the Danish Gambling Authority in all 49 cases that were brought to its attention. These illicit websites had been operating without a license to provide gambling services, including betting and online casinos, to Danish citizens since 2012. This was when Denmark's gambling market was partially liberalized. In total, the Danish authorities have successfully blocked 276 illegal gambling sites since the initial liberalization.

Anders Dorph, Director of the Danish Gambling Authority, emphasized the significance of their role in safeguarding Danish consumers from illegal gambling practices. Dorph stated, "It is a very important task for the Danish Gambling Authority to ensure that Danes are not exposed to gambling that is offered illegally in Denmark and that does not comply with the requirements for consumer protection, among other things, set out in the gambling legislation."

Dorph also highlighted the need to ensure a fair playing field for licensed gambling operators and to prevent unfair competition from unlicensed providers. The Danish Gambling Authority expects to carry out these website blockages twice a year for the first time, aiming to decrease the duration of illegal site activity within Denmark.

The regulatory body employs a combination of automated searches and reports from individuals and businesses to identify illegal gambling activities. Upon identifying such sites, the authority contacts them and requests that they cease their illegal operations. If the illegal activities persist, the Danish Gambling Authority seeks court intervention to have the websites blocked by local internet service providers (ISPs).

The blocked websites predominantly offered traditional casino games such as roulette, poker, and gaming machines, alongside betting services. Notably, 13 of the blocked sites were engaged in "skin betting," which encompasses activities like betting, casino games, and lotteries where virtual items within computer games serve as deposits or winnings.

The Danish Gambling Authority issued a reminder to all stakeholders that offering gambling services in Denmark without proper licensing is illegal. This extends to foreign operators targeting the Danish market and also includes disseminating or advertising unlicensed gambling operators, which goes against the provisions of the Danish Gambling Act.



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