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Cyprus Unveils Ambitious Sponsorship Programs to Propel Green Energy Innovation

Updated: Dec 1, 2023

The Research and Innovation Foundation (RIF) in Cyprus has unveiled two comprehensive sponsorship programs aimed at invigorating the energy sector and catalyzing the country's transition towards sustainability. Aligned with the National Recovery and Resilience Plan, these initiatives underscore Cyprus's commitment to fostering innovation and addressing pressing challenges in the energy domain.

Cyprus Unveils Ambitious Sponsorship Programs to Propel Green Energy Innovation

The first program, "Research in Enterprises-Energy," signifies a substantial commitment with a budget of €4 million. This initiative is strategically focused on advancing technological solutions to tackle Cyprus's specific challenges in electricity production, storage, transmission, and distribution. The overarching goal is to stimulate the creation of cutting-edge products and services that can effectively meet the evolving needs of entities within the energy sector. Projects eligible for this program can secure funding up to €200,000 each, providing a significant incentive for innovative endeavors. The deadline for proposal submissions, set for January 26, 2024, emphasizes the urgency and commitment to driving advancements in the energy landscape.


The second program, "CO-DEVELOP-REPowerEU," with a substantial budget of €6 million, is poised to be officially announced in the near future. This program is designed to foster collaboration between businesses and research organizations. By encouraging joint efforts in designing and developing new technologies and economically efficient solutions, the initiative aims to address critical challenges such as climate change, energy efficiency in industries, harnessing renewable energy sources, and fortifying the resilience and security of energy systems. The emphasis on collaboration reflects a strategic approach to leverage diverse expertise for comprehensive solutions.

Recipients selected for funding under these programs will not only receive financial support but will also gain access to free innovation support services and knowledge transfer tools provided by the Research and Innovation Foundation. This holistic approach aims to nurture and guide projects towards successful implementation, ensuring a meaningful impact on the energy sector.

These initiatives go beyond mere financial support; they represent a concerted effort to build a collaborative ecosystem that encourages knowledge exchange, technological breakthroughs, and the commercialization of research. The Research and Innovation Foundation plays a pivotal role in driving the competitiveness of Cypriot businesses while contributing to the broader vision of a modern, resource-efficient, and sustainable economy.

In essence, these programs showcase Cyprus's proactive stance in embracing innovation, aligning with European sustainability goals, and positioning itself as a hub for cutting-edge advancements in the energy sector.


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