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Cyprus to Launch "Photovoltaics for All" Plan to Promote Solar Energy

Cyprus is set to introduce a new initiative called the "photovoltaics for all" plan in the coming two months, aimed at encouraging the adoption of solar energy in residential areas. Energy Minister George Papanastasiou announced this plan, which will receive funding from the EU Resilience and Recovery plan, supplemented by contributions from the energy use cost fee paid by citizens.

Cyprus to Launch "Photovoltaics for All" Plan to Promote Solar Energy

Under the "photovoltaics for all" plan, residential photovoltaic systems with a power capacity of 4.2 kilowatts will be installed. Interested individuals can submit their applications to the Ministry of Energy for consideration. However, the project's approval by the Finance Ministry is still pending.

Papanastasiou explained that the previous plan by the Cyprus Electricity Authority (EAC) to install one thousand residential photovoltaic systems has been abandoned as it couldn't meet the demands of all residential users. Instead, funds from the Energy Ministry will be allocated for installing photovoltaic systems. Participants in the program will have their photovoltaic systems installed using these funds, and once their electricity bills start to decrease, they will gradually repay the amount to the ministry to replenish the fund.

The two-month timeframe for the launch of the program is primarily due to the need to establish application processing systems and mechanisms to handle the influx of interested participants.

This initiative represents Cyprus' commitment to promoting renewable energy and reducing carbon emissions in the country's energy sector, aligning with the broader European efforts to transition to cleaner and more sustainable energy sources.



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