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Cyprus Tax Facts 2023

In order to help you think through your tax planning and your compliance responsibilities to the Cyprus Tax Department for the year 2023, Flexi Consultants (Cyprus) Limited, member of Flexi Group created a publication called "Tax, Facts & Figures 2023 - Cyprus" that offers insightful information about the Cyprus tax system.

This is the group's 1st publication of this Fact sheet that will provide valuable general guidance for tax planning and tax information for Cyprus in 2023. Flexi aims to make this guide the taxpayer’s most vital tool to the tax environment in Cyprus, for both businesses and individuals.

We sincerely hope you find this guidance informational and helpful. However, under no circumstances can you rely on a publication to replace professional guidance and solutions that may be uniquely suited to your needs.

Cyprus Tax Facts 2023
Download PDF • 800KB



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