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Cyprus Launches National Self-Exclusion Platform to Promote Responsible Gambling

Cyprus has introduced the National Self-Exclusion Platform (PSC) as part of its Safer Gambling Strategy 2022-2025, managed by the National Betting Authority. This platform allows players to voluntarily exclude themselves from gambling activities for a specified period or indefinitely, catering to individual needs. Ioanna Fiakkou, President of the National Betting Authority, emphasized the platform's significance in promoting responsible gambling and protecting vulnerable individuals. She stated, "It is a powerful tool for every player, aiming to promote healthy betting behavior and the protection of vulnerable groups." Initially, the platform applies to online betting service providers holding a Class B license from the Authority but is adaptable to incorporate additional functionalities.

Cyprus Launches National Self-Exclusion Platform to Promote Responsible Gambling

The self-exclusion process is free and encompasses all forms of betting services and operators. It restricts players from accessing active accounts and prohibits them from opening new ones. Fiakkou highlighted the importance of involving specific groups such as athletes in the platform, in collaboration with relevant federations and state bodies, to combat match-fixing and enhance transparency in sports—an objective aligned with the Authority's strategic agenda.

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She expressed satisfaction in advancing towards the goals outlined in the Safer Gambling Strategy, emphasizing the platform's role in strengthening public protection, reducing vulnerability, and promoting industry sustainability. Additionally, Fiakkou's remarks indicated a collaborative effort to ensure the platform's effectiveness and inclusivity.

While Cyprus takes strides in implementing self-exclusion measures, similar initiatives are underway elsewhere. Australia recently introduced BetStop, a self-exclusion register, demonstrating a global trend towards addressing gambling-related harm through proactive measures.



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